Some say it is a spectral schooner seen under full sail, sometimes in the distance, sometimes at night or through the fog, sometimes gliding above the water; its sails may be torn to ribbons, or it may be making great headway even in the lack of wind. Some say the captain and his ship are doomed to forever try to round a stormy cape, never quite succeeding and always being beaten back by the howling wind and waves.

Some say the captain swore at the Devil, who condemned him to sail the spectral seas forever, with only the true love of a woman who will release him from this curse. Some say the woman in the painting in this room is the captains’ true love, waiting for him in her wedding dress.

Whatever the specifics of the legend, the Flying Dutchman and the origin of the bride in the painting in The Smugglers’ Cottage; it is without a doubt that you will have an unforgettable stay here with us. The Smugglers’ Cottage is less than 1 minutes’ walk from the beach.

This comfortable lower level room with a luxurious Queen size bed and en-suite bathroom with rain shower leads on to the beautiful courtyard filled with indigenous succulents, colourful potted flowers and Bougainville’s. For those in need of a bit more privacy, we suggest considering a different room as this room is at the entrance of the house.

Regretfully we have no BRAAI or SELF-CATERING facilities. Each room is equipped with a small mini-bar to keep drinks cold. We do stock selective drinks, ask one of our friendly staff members for more information.